Welcome to the REDOX BIOLOGY Group


Hydrogen peroxide Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), the most abundant reactive oxygen species in vivo, is continuously produced intracelullarly, as a by-product of aerobic metabolism, and extracelullarly as a result of phagocyte activation. Our group uses an interdisciplinary approach (the team is composed of people with a strong background in molecular biology, free radical biochemistry, cell biology and mathematical modeling) with a combination of both experimental and mathematical modelling approaches to study cellular redox regulation by hydrogen peroxide and its involvement in physiological cellular processes and in disease.

Available positions

Our group has been involved in successful applications of PhD. and post-doctoral FCT grants. Contact us if you consider joining our group and applying for one of those grants.

We also offer grants funded by our ongoing projects. When available, these grants will be advertised in this homepage, in the Eracareers website, and through our contacts network.

If you are looking for a laboratory to do exciting research that may lead to your Master thesis, please contact us.

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